My unknown : François Civil, and Joséphine Japy racontent the biggest discomfort of the filming

My unknown : François Civil, and Joséphine Japy racontent the biggest malaise of the shooting in an interview with PRBK

This is the romantic comedy not to be missed ! This Wednesday, April 3, is released in theaters My unknown directed by Hugo Gélin, a film that is surprising and moving way in which François Civil once again shows the breadth of his talent. In front of him, one finds Joséphine Japy. But the two actors have-they really got to know each other on the set ? PRBK was tested with the questions asked in surprise. The opportunity to talk about the funny moments and improbable shooting. So, who’s going to win the battle ?

François Civil is everywhere ! After the excellent the Song of The Wolf and what you believe, the actor is back to the cinema for his 3rd film in 2019 (yes, it is what it is !). In My unknown, it embodies Raphael became a successful author after having met his wife Olivia (played by Josephine Japy) in high school. While torque takes the water, Raphael wakes up one morning in an alternate reality where he never became a writer but above all in which Olivia don’t know who he is. It will then try everything to get it back.

A role in which François Civil excels as it is touching and amazing. It must be said that for My unknown, Hugo Gélin made no mistake, capitalizing on the actors all brilliant (François Civil, obviously, but also Josephine Japy and Benjamin Lavernhe, hilarious in each of his scenes).

The trailer of My unknown with François Civil, and Joséphine Japy

Test surprise of François Civil and Joséphine Japy

As with Philippe Lacheau and Elodie Fontan for Nicky Larson or The Déguns for Walter, PRBK interviewed the two stars of My unknown for a test surprise. The aim : to test their knowledge on each other. Francois Civil took the opportunity to tell us about the biggest discomfort – very funny – Joséphine Japy on the shooting and the two stars reveal what they do between takes. Also on the programme ? Their romantic comedy favorite, the first name of their first love, yet the gamble made by François Civil, and Benjamin Lavernhe for the release of the film.

Check out their interview video in our slideshow.


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