My wife got sick from too a good husband and filed for divorce

A woman from the UAE claims that out of the kindness of her husband her life became hell

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Жена устала от слишком хорошего мужа и подала на развод

A woman from the United Arab Emirates complained of a husband who loves her very much

A court in the UAE addressed the lawsuit with a curious wording from a local resident: a woman wished to divorce because it is too good and attentive husband. Meanwhile, according to the Khaleej Times.

“He never yelled at me, in what does not deny. However, I’m strangling in his great love and affection. He even helps me clean the house!” told reporters female from the Emirate of Fujairah, adding that out of the kindness of her husband her life “turned into hell”: in a year of marriage, they never quarreled, because he always forgave her and I gifted gifts.

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One day the wife said to the blessed appeared overweight. Immediately after this the man sat down on a strict diet and began to exercise in the gym, resulting in a broken leg.

In court, the defendant asked to postpone the proceedings because “it’s not fair to judge a marriage by the same year, all learn from their mistakes”. The judge accepted my husband’s proposal and gave the couple time to restore relations.

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