My years See

Mes années Voir

See, the newspaper where I spent 20 years of my life, where I have forged my style, where I made my debut as a columnist, will appear more.

When I heard the news, it is as if I was the death of my first girlfriend. Dozens of memories rushed in my head.

I felt like I was at the beginning of an american film. When the main character, made in the autumn of his life, recalls his youth. Its daring. His first loves.

To stir the pot

I was 25 years old. Freelancer for the past seven years, I wanted to work for a newspaper, but none was hiring.

It was tens in the same case. And when See opened its doors, thanks to the ambition mad a guy charismatic, Pierre Paquet, we rushed to this weekly like moths to a lantern, saying that it would not last more than two, three months.

It lasted 34 years. I know that we tend to embellish our years of youth, but it was an extraordinary period.

MusiquePlus and brewed the cage of the tv, Robert Lepage, Dominic Champagne and Gilles Maheu were brewing the cage of the theatre, Jean-Claude Lauzon and brewed the cage of the cinema, Christian Mistral and brewed the cage of the literature, and we brewed the cage of journalism.

“We’re going to talk about politics in a way rock’n’roll and culture in a serious way “, we said.

See spoke about the artists, and dealt with topics largely ignored by daily newspapers with a tone slobbering that only a few of the headliners of journalism in quebec (Foglia,
Petrowski) used.

He came to See what happened to It : at the beginning, we were more or less alone in our sandbox. And the more the years went on, the more there were shows on MusiquePlus on the other channels and texts to See in the daily newspapers.

Result : the more it became influential, the less it remained relevant. It’s like tattoos : at the beginning, it was used to distinguish themselves from the mass. Now, everyone, even our aunts.

From left to right ?

“It was the time when you were left… “

This one, I have to hear it 15 times per week.

What I répliquerai : it was the time when the left was defending really values left.

The freedom of expression. The diversity of points of view. The nationalism. An allergy epidermal censorship and religion.

The anti-racism (the real one, who cares about the race). The equality of the sexes (the real one, the one who refuses to believe that one sex is morally superior to another). Feminism (the real one, who does not defend the right of women to hide their sexuality).

And, above all, a hatred fierce barriers. Between the sexes, races, and communities.

It is not I who have changed. It is the world around me. The values that I was defending at the time, I still defend with the same zeal.

The future

The next See is certainly in the making in a basement somewhere. This will be a different log, that will defend other values, and will lead to more fighting.

As the sang Charlebois : “There will be other, younger more crazy, to dance with the bougalous. “

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