Mysterious Kim Kardashian showed the true face, you need to see this

Загадочная Ким Кардашьян показала истинное лицо, вы должны это увидеть

Kim Kardashian Tatler

today, 04:20

A lover of outrageous and scandalous antics, Kim Kardashian became famous thanks to the family reality show. She, like her sisters, loves to attract attention of the audience successfully makes in his Instagram. Kim almost 150 million subscribers, which it often pleases new photos.

This time star beauty showed unusual photo where you can see her face close up. The model photographed themselves on the phone, in front of the camera she appeared in a black outfit that texture reminiscent of cozy pajamas. Her hair hanging down on her face quite bright thick makeup, and in the caption to the picture Kim told me that he enjoys the products of her sister Kylie Jenner. Followers excited about the new photos, it is filled with compliments in the comments.

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Recall that Kim Kardashian was back in Vogue red lipstick, and made it undressed.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Kim Kardashian has shown, as he prepares to release.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote Kim Kardashian in short dress and lay down in front of the photographer.

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