Mysterious Loboda surprised Napoleonic plans: “Seek me…”

Загадочная Лобода удивила наполеоновскими планами: "Ищи меня..."

Svetlana Loboda, Ukraine

today, 15:26

Famous Ukrainian singer, who has long lived in Moscow and have a career in Russia, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. This time the beauty has shown strange photos of the car, and in the legend shared plans. As you can see, Svetlana captured in a luxury car, it is impressively sits in a chair and “sticks” to the phone.

Her simple blue jeans and bright colored jacket with zip and catch the eye of a massive black boots. Hair of the singer gathered in the careless hair, and her face a light makeup. In the caption to the photo Loboda wrote: “I’m going to close the installation of the latest software… and can be considered as the year closed, huh. In the New year look for me on TV.” Followers actress did not disregard such publication and began to actively discuss the photo. Many already congratulate Loboda with the holidays.

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Recall Loboda in the crazy dance lit tattoo in an intimate place.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Loboda showed his life short video.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Loboda scared people photos from Dubai.

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