Mystery of the bride with a “great buttocks”: photo

Curious photo appeared on the Twitter page of Truman Burbank from Jamaica

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Today, 10:17

Раскрыта тайна невесты с "огромными ягодицами": фото

Optical illusion was awarded the bride’s huge buttocks

Twitter user Truman Burbank have published on the page of funny optical illusion bridesmaid with buttocks of enormous size. The man signed the photo: “this is a case when a wedding in Jamaica began on time.” So he laughed at the known tendency of people in the country for delays.

The picture shows a man together with his lover standing next to empty chairs for guests. However, the attention of the majority of users attracted not empty chairs, and buttocks brides who many seemed extremely large.

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Really close with the bride bent another girl. “Just from the comments I realized that the thing in the corner shooting,” commented one of the users of the network. “It took me a few seconds to realize that in this photo two women,” said another.

Earlier “Today” I wrote, as a reflection of the cat in the mirror put the network to a standstill. In addition, we described how foot girl in the photo was an optical illusion. Also it was reported about the primary school teacher from Canada, who was preparing for a lesson and accidentally created a new optical illusion.

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