Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara : finished London, they go to live in Dubai before the arrival of the baby

Nabilla Benattia et Thomas Vergara : fini Londres, ils partent vivre à Dubaï avant l'arrivée du bébé

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Nabilla Benattia pregnant with Thomas Vergara : the future parents want to move to London to go and live in Dubai.

It’s been seven years that Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara are in love. With ups and downs, the couple has, however, survived. Between them, this is the big love, to the point that the influenceuse said “yes”. Their wedding is being prepared, and the star is pregnant will have a baby with her fiancé. And it is during this pregnancy, before the birth of their first child, the future parents are going to leave London for Dubai.

Bye Bye London

Away from the problems of justice and a prison, Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara seem to be more united and happy than ever. The tragedies have reinforced their romance. Pregnant with her fiancé, the star of the reality tv became influenceuse has admitted at the height of happiness. The couple, who is about to have her first child and getting married is entrusted in the pages of Paris Match. “With the arrival of the baby, we go and we moved to Dubai,” revealed the future dad.

Even if it’s been three years now that Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara, live in London, the United Kingdom, they will leave the country of Princes William and Harry for the one of the united arab Emirates. Lovers will sell their sublime london flat (a duplex in the stunning views of the river Thames) to move into an even bigger place in the city where there are other couples from the reality show, as Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia, but also Jazz and Laurent. Why have you chosen this place in particular ? “Down there, the schools are excellent. The drugs, the alcohol… it does not exist,” assured Thomas.

“We have already spotted a house”

And when the reporter asked the future spouses if they were not “afraid of a world that is too conservative”, the star, who is currently living her first pregnancy, replied : “They know very well accommodate the people who are not of their confession”.

Nabilla Benattia has even admitted that he may have already found their dream villa. “We have already spotted a house with a piece of beach to us. And full of rooms. I think Livia (his grand-mother, editor’s note) will live with us,” she explained, telling about his mother, Marie-Luce : “It also will be able to live with us”. In effect, the it girl was surrounded by her sweetheart and his mom for his work. Both are working everyday for it. So, why don’t you all live together under the same roof ?


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