Nabilla Benattia confides about her pregnancy : “I’m sometimes a little lost”

Nabilla Benattia se confie sur sa grossesse : "Je suis parfois un peu démoralisée"

Nabilla Benattia confides about her pregnancy : “I’m sometimes a little lost”

In a few months, Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara will welcome their first child. By then, the young woman must endure pregnancy and its side effects. And if the sister of Tarek loves being pregnant, she also confirms that it is not easy every day to live.

Nabilla has never hidden from his fans and this is not the current pregnancy, who will come and disrupt this habit. As one can regularly discover it on Instagram or Snapchat, the companion Thomas Vergara sharing every moment of her new life, and the evolution of his small belly.

A pregnancy can be complicated

And inevitably, if the young woman shares the good times of her pregnancy, she in fact also even when it goes less well. As well, she has once again taken advantage of the social networks this week to unveil the behind-the-scenes when one is pregnant. And you will see, this is not always obvious : “I’m not going to lie to you, it is not easy every day, but when you know the happiness at the end, support with a smile. But I am very tired, I feel sick, sometimes I am a little demoralized. (…) I vomit a lot, I have hormones that I get tired a lot. (…) I have a bunch of buttons that grow everywhere, on the back, the neckline, the face…

An upheaval logically difficult to live, especially as he brings with him new habits. While Nabilla has always taken care of his body, that is now a victim of its whims : “I have all the time hungry. I can eat between 4 and 6 times per day. I tell myself that if I’m hungry, this is my body, my baby needs to feed. I try to eat good things (fruits, vegetables), but I do not deprive. When I am hungry, I want a dessert, I eat.

Nabilla “super happy” to be pregnant

Fortunately, despite the side effects related to the pregnancy, Nabilla is not the type to get overwhelmed. On the contrary, she says with a smile, all of this “is part of the game“, she is “super happy” and nothing will touch “[her] happiness“. Therefore, his body may well do anything today, she cares : “I am ready to do what my body is changing. I’ve done enough of the beautiful in a swimsuit. I don’t care if I have to grow, this will be the kilos of happiness“. The positive attitude !


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