Nabilla Benattia : how much weight has she lost since her birth ? She responds

Nabilla Benattia : combien de kilos a-t-elle perdu depuis son accouchement ? Elle répond

Nabilla Benattia mom : it reveals the number of pounds she has lost since her birth

October 11, 2019, Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara have become parents of their first child, named Milann. Since then, the couple shared a few moments with his son on the social networks : the young mother also revealed the number of pounds lost since the birth of her baby.

It has been almost three weeks, Nabilla Benattia became the proud mother of a little boy. A true happiness for the ex-star of reality tv become influenceuse, even if the birth did not take place as it would have wanted : “I think that I may be a baby blues, ( … ) It went very well but this was not what I had imagined. I gave birth by c-section.” Since then, Thomas Vergara and his wife are pretty discreet on social networks, but do not hesitate, from time to time, to share moments accomplices with their son, Milann.

“I lost all my belly”

Their purpose is primarily to preserve the maximum of their bundle of joy : “We chose to expose it the least possible. Of course, my son will be all the time with me, it is part of my life, “said Nabilla Benattia. On the other hand, the former candidate lighthouse of the Angels does not lack of trust on her new life as a mother : she has revealed the number of pounds lost since the birth of her baby.

Today is a big day for me because I’m going to weigh myself. (…) I have not weighed since the maternity. I’m really anxious to see where I am. I lost all my belly, it stays on the sides but I still lost. (…) The last time I weighed I was 72 kilos. I’ve already lost eight kilos in two weeks“, has confessed to the sister of Tarek Benattia. For info, Nabilla had taken about 16 kilograms during her pregnancy.

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