Nabilla Benattia hurt by the judgments : “people have thought that I was slight of mind”

Nabilla Benattia blessée par les jugements : "Les gens ont pensé que j'étais légère d'esprit"

Nabilla Benattia : “I have said lots of stupid things” so “people have thought that I was slight of mind” . “I was drunk that one me treats of idiot because this is not true” !

With his famous “No but hello what” in The Anges 5 NRJ12, Nabilla Benattia became a star. Except that often, in interviews of the time, the influenceuse says that she does not think before speaking. Suddenly, a lot of people could find it “stupid” recognize it. A shortcut to “hurt”. If the it girl believes that she did not have enough general culture as a youngster, it was because she had quit school very early. The a business woman is back on his difficult start, has made things clear and has confessed to wanting the best possible education for his son Milann.

“People have thought that I was slight of mind”

Nabilla Benattia has never been stupid. The one who lives today with her husband Thomas Vergara, and their son, Milann in Dubai has even managed to create an empire. But when she has to be chained love is blind sur TF1 and then The Angels 4 Angels 5 on NRJ12, dropping his sentence , “Hey ! No but hello what ! You are a girl and you don’t shampoo ?”, the French have been many to think of… little smart. A dump not far from the sexism and above all completely false.

“When it starts on the tv and everything is filmed it is complicated when there is a lack of a culture as me,” has confessed to Nabilla Benattia in Paris, “I said full of nonsense, as when I spoke of world war, 78, instead of 14/18 because I didn’t know the dates”.

The one that is now presenter of Love Island on Amazon Prime Video (from this Monday, march 2, 2020) regrets : “people have thought that I was slight of mind. This is not true, I just stopped school in the fourth, a 15-year-old. Today, I say it and repeat it to my community : ‘even if it is sometimes soûlant, you really need to go to school'”.

“I was drunk that one me treats of idiot”

All these criticisms on his person, his debut in the tv, it was hard to Nabilla Benattia. “Me, personally, it hurt me sometimes,” she said, “I was drunk that one me treats of idiot because this is not true, but I would prefer to play as”hidden”. The one who finds the classic TV has become “dusty” recalls : “At 19 years old, I’ve had to do interviews in the Newspaper, or in Paris, I was asked questions which I did not know the answers, I couldn’t hide it, I was lost”.

Nabilla Benattia would like to see his son do studies

The former candidate for reality tv now a successful businesswoman with her job influenceuse, facilitator, his books, or his own make-up brand has the same fear of attacks she could receive on the education of his child. “I’m afraid people judge me on how I take care of my son” has said Nabilla Benattia.

This is probably because she has stopped school to college, and that she fears the criticism on her role of mom as the star of the social networks has explained in Tv Entertainment : “I have the feeling of being an uncool mom, I talk to my son as if he was 18 years old when he was 4 months. On the other hand, I will be vigilant with him on the studies”. The it girl hope, therefore, that Milann will study and will go further than it in its education school.

And speaking of baby, does she want a second ? “Not just yet,” she revealed, “I just understand how it worked this contraption ! But I would like to have a beautiful and big family !”.

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