Nabilla Benattia is rich : his salary is mind-blowing for the show Love Island unveiled

Nabilla Benattia est riche : son salaire hallucinant pour l'émission Love Island dévoilé

Nabilla Benattia : his salary is mind-blowing for the show Love Island unveiled

This is Nabilla Benattia, who has been approached to animate the show Love Island for the platform Premium Video. A bold choice that intrigues the audience and that will allow the companion Thomas Vergara drawing a salary mind-blowing.

It’s official, Nabilla Benattia will make its grand return in the world of reality tv with Love Island. However, this new show will not be broadcast on a chain of the TNT, but on Premium Video – the streaming platform, Amazon, and the young mother will not be one of the candidates but will also take the role of presenter.

A new project excites Nabilla, as she has recently confided to AFP : “This is a trick that I was too eager to try it and frankly, I didn’t think it was so much work. I am trying to learn a new job and it pleases me very much. (…) It promises to be pretty crazy“.

A salary mind-blowing to Nabilla

At the same time, hard not to be excited by such an issue when one knows his / her salary. Present in the show not Touch my position (C8) on Friday, February 21, the columnist Maxime Guény has indeed dropped a bomb : “Nabilla managed to negotiate one of the largest stamps ever signed to a moderator. I would say close to a million euros for a month of filming. And yes, it’s a lot.

Above all, he then stated, that collaboration does not stop not there : “She would have even signed up for a second season, so an additional one million. More a documentary exclusive turned around Nabilla.” It was his banker who will be very happy.

A logical choice for his agent

It should be noted that Magali Berdah – agent Nabilla and columnist in TPMP, has not denied these figures. When questioned on this subject, she preferred to kick it into touch : “For professional reasons I can not confirm the figures. I am subject to professional secrecy. But I negotiated this contract, I am delighted.

And for those who would find this huge sum of money, Magali Berdah has, however, be required to defend his client, recalling that Amazon “has a lot of money” and that its purpose fits perfectly with the aura of Nabilla : “today you have Netflix, which is n°1. Amazon wants to compete with Netflix. (…) They are the means, Nabilla is a name, it has incredible power. They have decided to focus on it to download this platform and become n°1 in France.

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