Nabilla Benattia judge the TV “dusty”, and denounces the wrong image of the reality tv in France

Nabilla Benattia juge la TV "poussiéreuse" et dénonce la mauvaise image de la télé-réalité en France

Nabilla Benattia : “bad images” of reality tv in France, “the television classic that became a little dusty”… The presenter of Love Island speaks

Now presenter of Love Island, which is available from this Monday, march 2, 2020 from 19: 30 on Amazon Prime Video, Nabilla Benattia has given its opinion on the TV today. The a business woman is that tv classic (everything that is not a platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video) has become “dusty”. Regarding the reality tv, the one that was made known in The Angels, 4 on NRJ12 think that she still has a “bad image” in France. Check out his confession on the small screen.

“Tv classic has become dusty”, “it is very formatted”

You have first known candidate to reality tv, with its beginnings in The love is blind sur TF1, when it has created the buzz in The Angels, 4 on NRJ12 with his “No but hello what” or, even more recently, in a mode family in The Incredible Adventures of Nabilla and Thomas in Australia on NRJ12. But Nabilla Benattia is now past the other side by becoming a presenter of Love Island. It is she who will present the French version of the program from this Monday, 2 march 2020 (from 19: 30) on Amazon Prime Video.

Why have you accepted this return to the tv on a streaming platform, and not on a string of classic television ? “I was offered a lot of tv projects-conventional, but it didn’t give me desire because I am not a moderator like the others. Learn sheets to the blow dry, I wouldn’t know how to do it. I don’t like to be in a box, I choke” she entrusted to the Parisian, “the television classic has become a little dusty. It is very formatted, in particular with the rules of the CSA. My community has between 15 and 35 years old and goes on the platforms”.

“The French are not open minded enough to (…) the reality tv show”

Nabilla Benattia was also conducted on the reality tv in France. One that has also been a columnist for Cyril Hanouna in TPMP on C8 has confessed to Tv Entertainment as “reality tv still suffers from a poor image in France, contrary to England where ministers even brag publicly of watch Love Island”. “Even if some criticisms can be more caring, I find that the French do not have the mind open enough to certain things like reality tv” has even indicated the star became a mother with Milann, the child she had with her husband Thomas Vergara. But “it may come with time…” she added.

Nabilla think that The Angels “walk-less” because they “were not able to be renewed”

But the former candidate for reality tv watch-t-it when the same emissions as The Angels and The people of Marseille ? “Very honestly, I do not really look at these programs,” she revealed to Tv Entertainment, “but I love the reality tv show”.

The a business woman who has also launched her own brand of makeup is well aware that the reality show that made famous the lost hearing and it even has its own idea about the why and how : “It is true that the Angels are walking less this year because, according to me, they have not been able to renew. Humanly, I found the candidates of these emissions are very endearing. The people of Marseille are really great and natural, they come out of the punchlines that make me die of laughter”.

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