Nabilla Benattia responds to people who criticize his gift to Australia

Nabilla Benattia répond aux internautes qui critiquent son don pour l'Australie

Nabilla Benattia criticized for his gift to Australia, she meets

In the Face of the terrible forest fires that ravage Australia since September, many stars are rallying to financially assist the fire brigade to fight fires. Among them, Nabilla Benattia, who has made a donation and called on those who could also do more to mobilize. An honourable thing, which has, however, been criticized by a few users. The mother of Milann has responded…

While terrible fires ravaging Australia since September, many stars have decided to act to help the firemen to fight the fires uncontrollable. It must be said that the balance sheet is already tragic : the flames have consumed nearly 6 million hectares of vegetation (two times the size of Belgium), have killed 24 people and wiped out nearly half a billion animals, including koalas, kangaroos or even leopards. Several prizes have seen the light of day on social networks, and several celebrities have decided to lend their financial assistance.

Nabilla Benattia receives criticism for his gift of fire in Australia

Among them, Nabilla Benattia, who confessed to have “too much trouble” facing the situation and is said to have made a gift, screen capture to support. “I broke the heart nothing to talk about. I want to cry. I won’t say the amount since it is something personal. There are thousands of acres that have burned in Australia it is a disaster. The images are just terrible. It is very sensitive to all that”, it was explained it on Snapchat. An honourable thing, which has, however, been criticized by some internet users, who accused him of not disclosing the amount of his donation.

She responds to criticism

Facing criticism, the mom of the little Milann was keen to put things clear on Snapchat : “Regarding my gift to Australia, my first goal was to motivate people to do the same. Simply. It is for this reason that I do not release the amount. It is not that the purpose, to say who gave how much. The goal is to motivate people to do if they can afford it. So yes during the year, I make donations. I will not say where, nor for whom, nor how. But I do a lot of donations. I’m assuming that when you want to help people, when we have the chance to earn a good living, we must do”. This should inspire others to do the same !

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