Nabilla Benattia responds to the controversy around her bag Hermes in crocodile skin

Nabilla Benattia réagit à la polémique autour de son sac Hermès en peau de crocodile

Nabilla Benattia responds to the controversy around his bag crocodile skin

Since a few days, Nabilla Benattia lies at the heart of a controversy of size. Question : bag Hermes to 380 000 euros in crocodile skin that Thomas Vergara offered him for his birthday. Accused of being “hypocritical” or even “disgusting”, the mother of Milann has pushed a rant.

While Nabilla Benattia was celebrating his 28th birthday on 5 February, the Maldives, Thomas Vergara offered him a luxurious gift : a Hermes bag. If it is one of the rarest and most expensive in the world, since it costs almost 400 000 euros, this is not so much the price that is open to debate (even if it does not fail to react to some of them). The problem is that the bag Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Birkin (named for Jane Birkin) is also in crocodile skin, what people have not accepted this. And for good reason, in addition to being vegan, Nabilla wants to be a fervent advocate of the animals ‘ cause.

Nabilla Benattia criticized for her bag Hermes in crocodile skin

A few weeks ago, she invited her community to help the animal victims of the fires in Australia. A 180-degree turn that the users have not understood. “Nabilla, you can’t say vegan, make donations to the Australia, say that you love animals, and you offer them a bag Hermes in crocodile skin, this is contradictory. I am disappointed that crazy”, one can read on Twitter, or “The price I m in form, fully, people do what they want with their money. But if #nabilla could stop contributing to the over-hunting of crocodiles to get an orgasm shopping”. Even Laurence Boccolini has taken to the future presenter of Love Island…

The wife of Thomas Vergara reacts to the controversy

Of the criticisms that have hit the mom of the little Milann, who reacted on Snapchat : “You do filpper, you are going to seek the price of my gift. I’m in the top tweet from two days for a fucking hand bag. (…) It goes in debate, there is the whole earth gets involved, animators, actors, associations…”. She adds, in response to criticism on the price of a bag : “You know how much he earns my husband ? You want me to tell you his salary ? It makes you so chi** that he buys me this bag ? My husband he is associated with me on all my projects. (…) You’re a psycho, you’re crazy !”. However, it is not expressed on the fact that it is crocodile skin…

For its part, PETA claims to have contacted the star : “We know that Nabilla cares for the animals’ cause, but she certainly knows not that each bag in the skin of crocodile is the product of a hideous suffering. […] We have written to the star to make them aware of this video survey, in which we see employees cutting the neck of the crocodiles and their push in the metal rods along the spinal column while they are emptying slowly of their blood. These sensitive beings struggle, in agony, and some are still twitching after having been skinned alive.”

The association request to Nabilla to make this bag : “this Valentine’s day, we sincerely wish to see Nabilla demonstrate love towards the crocos returning this bag to get to the place a beautiful leather bag vegan, for which no one was harmed. PETA – whose motto says that “animals do not belong to us [that] we don’t have to use them for our clothing” – has written to the star, to ask her to show the good example to his fans by committing to refuse in the future, any “gift” obtained at the price of such violence”. Will she do it ?

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