Nabilla Benattia return to tv with a new project : “It is something sick”

Nabilla Benattia back at the TV : his interview on Clicks

Since that Nabilla Benattia has left the reality tv, and the tv short to devote himself to his profession influenceuse on social networks, his blog, or his brand of makeup, she was no longer reappeared on the small screen. Return to tv this Monday, February 3, 2020 in the show Click, hosted by Mouloud Achour, the a business woman mom of the little Milann has been found to have turned a new project ever seen with his family.

Nabilla Benattia back with a new project

Be became a mother of Milann, it is the profession’s preferred Nabilla Benattia. But the star is also a seasoned businesswoman. Guest of Mouloud Achour Monday, February 3, 2020 in Clicks on Canal+, she has confessed to preparing a return on the small screen. With what ? Clearly an issue unique. “We finally returned to Dubai, we came to Paris to shoot for the famous new project,” she explained, “That you are going to discover here three days !”.

But what will be the role of Nabilla Benattia in this new program ? “I’m really excited to tell you that. This is something sick. When I spoke about the project, I did not even hesitate. I said to myself ok this is too good, it is futuristic, I dig” she said, “We came here with my little family to turn”. So it is with her husband Thomas Vergara, and their son, that the it girl is coming to Paris for the filming of this show still full of mystery. Besides, it is all three that they were on Instagram in a suite at the Royal Monceau, the hotel where they are staying while they are in the French capital.

A project for Amazon Prime Video ?

In December 2019, the blogger Aqababe had revealed that Nabilla Benattia would be the star of a new reality tv show on Amazon Prime Video. This would be so for the platform, a competitor of Netflix that the fashionista has shot with his family. Maybe she is the heroine of a documentary as Unposted, the documentary on the influenceuse Chiara Ferragni which was released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

The one that had started to make themselves known to the tv with, in particular, The Angels of reality tv 4, the scripted reality Hollywood Girls, his dynasty show, Allô Nabilla , then The Incredible Adventures of Nabilla and Thomas in Australia on NRJ12 had also been a columnist in TPMP on C8 and had even shot a scene with actresses of Orange is the New Black.

Outside of the screens, the celebrity franco-swiss has released 3 books, including Too fast and Nabilla Benattia is unclassifiable, has
also launched its own brand of makeup Nab Cosmetics, before you create a new one : Nabilla Beauty.

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