Nabilla Benattia tired : “I’m at the end of my life”

Nabilla Benattia fatiguée : "Je suis au bout de ma vie"

Nabilla : “I am at the end of my life,” the young mother tired by her new life in Dubai

After having given birth to Milann, her first child, Nabilla Benattia is currently living in Dubai, in the company of Thomas Vergara. However, the young mother was given on his social networks, this new life is not easy every day.

Work is tiring for Nabilla

New home for a new life. Unfortunately for Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara if they have their new home in Dubai, their new life was still struggling to put in place. On Monday 16 December on Snapchat – spotted by our colleagues from Purepeople, the young mom has mentioned that their new home was in the midst of a renovation.

The house ahead of little by little. We really want to make a family nest, the home of our dreams, now that we have our son. (…) We want this to be a house that looks like us“, she said.

However, if this new project fascinates and excites the two lovers, it exhausts also Nabilla – already marked by her pregnancy in the face of its magnitude : “I’m a little bit at the end of my life sometimes when I see all these work. (…) I do not hide you that there are days where I am really at the end. Between my work, my son, my house, my husband, this is not easy every day“.

An important project for the couple

Only reason of satisfaction for Nabilla, she knows that this short sacrifice will be rewarded then. After unveiling : “Our priorities is our son, and our house, “the mom of the little Milann has proudly added : “But we have nothing without nothing. It takes time, but the house will be beautiful. My son will grow up and will be proud of us, because he has made a beautiful home“.

It is now waiting for our invitation to the housewarming.

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