Nabilla Benattia very thinned, a month after her birth

Nabilla Benattia très amincie, un mois après son accouchement

Nabilla Benattia very thinned one month after the birth of her baby

It has been only over a month that Nabilla Benattia gave birth to her son Milann. Has just become mom of her first child, the influenceuse has found the line. The wife of Thomas Vergara is indeed very thinned on one of its latest posts Instagram. Internet users have even asked how she could be so thin after having a baby.

Nabilla Benattia ultra thin

October 11, 2019, Nabilla Benattia gave birth to her first child, and was unveiled on Instagram. This Thursday 21 November 2019, or a little more than a month after the birth of the baby, she has displayed very thinned on the same social network. The star of reality tv now influenceuse became a mother of a baby boy has already found the line to the point of having a belly ultra-flat. The wife of Thomas Vergara has proudly posted a picture of her revealing her figure slender, almost as if she had never been pregnant.

Already, Nabilla Benattia, confessed to having lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks since she gave birth to Milann. And apparently, this was only the beginning, because the star of the social network has unveiled its dream body post delivery in a snap Insta amazing. The it girl set with crop top bandeau signed Versace and a black pants tight. And her stomach has zero fat.

Users are amazed

This photo has received more than 300,000 likes, but especially many comments. “Wohhhh one month after childbirth, your body’s crazy”, “Euhhh where is your belly ???”, “This is a joke ? Your belly it is completely flat, “Oh it is where the stomach ?! Or it’s only me that have the belly for several months after my birth”, “Off topic but I would like to know how you have found the line so quickly… I gave birth in August and I’m struggling to lose my last few pounds”, “Your secret slimming ??” or even “You can’t even see that you had your little prince” , have written the internet, captivated by its thinness.

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