Nadeau-Dubois disappointed with the ad on the CH jersey



GRAND-REMOUS | A great hockey fan, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois says he is disappointed with the Montreal Canadiens' decision to put a Royal Bank of Canada logo on their players' jerseys. 

“I found it quite ordinary because the company that is the Montreal Canadiens is already making a lot of money. There are already ads everywhere when you watch hockey. There are some on the helmets, there are some on the tapes, there are some on the ice, ”commented the spokesperson for Québec solidaire Tuesday afternoon.  

He would have liked the CH jersey to be kept “a little safe from this publicity orgy there”.  

“There is a character… I don't want to use a a word that would not be secular, an almost sacred character to the Montreal Canadiens jersey,” he adds.  

The Sainte-Flanelle occupies a special place in history and the imagination of Quebecers, recalls the solidarity leader. “It is also a symbol of identity in Quebec, it is a team that brings us together. I think it's a shame, an advertising logo on this sweater,” said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.  

“It distinguished, I think, the Montreal Canadiens to keep this kind of little touch different, he adds. The Montreal Canadiens are not a team like the others in the history of hockey and in the history of Quebec. I think it's a shame.” 

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