Nadia Dorofeeva again experimented with the appearance: “You go kudryahi”

Надя Дорофеева снова поэкспериментировала с внешностью: "Тебе идут кудряхи"

Nadia Dorofeeva, Pikstagram

today, 08:47

Popular Ukrainian singer, who performs in the group “Time and Glass”, often pleases the audience with some highlights from their Instagram. So this time, notably the star surprised his fans with an unexpected photo in a new image.

As can be seen, in front of the camera, the singer appeared in an unusual way – a simple grey t-shirt, and all Nadia filmed from a strange angle. While her face is bright mother of pearl makeup, and on the head “explosion” of curls. You can also see the huge Hoop earrings in her ears and on the face of a mock-weary expression. In the caption to a photo of Dorofeyeva jokingly wrote: “What’s up”. Fans are not passed by and began to discuss a new publication the stars, the beauty showered with compliments, and to answer her question.

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Recall, Nadya Dorofeeva invited fans to play, there was a lot of wishing.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Nadya Dorofeeva at the beach image was eclipsed by Dubai.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Nadia Dorofeeva gave wise advice to fans.

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