Nadia Dorofeeva in a transparent mini did something strange with the Positive: “As it became hot”

Надя Дорофеева в прозрачном мини сделала кое-что странное с Позитивом: "Как-то стало горячо"

Nadia Dorofeeva, UNIAN

today, 15:02

Popular Ukrainian singer Nadya Dorofeeva, which performs in a Duo with Alexei Zavgorodny in the group “Time and Glass”, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. So, this time the beauty has shown a very unusual frame, which came in a spicy way.

As can be seen, in front of the camera Dorofeyev appeared in a revealing black gown of transparent fabric, through which rayed black lingerie and on her feet interesting shoes. Nadi hair loose and disheveled, and her face bright make-up and a languorous expression. When the singer is at some elevation and is pressed against the huge portrait of his colleagues on the scene Positive. In the caption to the photo Nadia mysteriously wrote: “Apparently this December on the Positive.” Fans excited about the new image Dorofeeva and covered her with compliments.

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Надя Дорофеева в прозрачном мини сделала кое-что странное с Позитивом: "Как-то стало горячо"

Recall, Nadya Dorofeeva invited fans to play, there was a lot of wishing.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Nadya Dorofeeva at the beach image was eclipsed by Dubai.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Nadia Dorofeeva gave wise advice to fans.

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