Nadia Dorofeeva intrigued touching photo with his mother: “so similar”

Надя Дорофеева заинтриговала трогательным фото с мамой: "Такие похожие"

Nadia Dorofeeva, Pikstagram

today, 03:30

Popular singer Nadia Dorofeeva, who performs in the group “Time and Glass” and recently presented a new video for the song “Sucker”, gathered an audience of millions in his Instagram, which often indulge the vivid posts. This time the hottie showed bright lift-selfie with his mother – together they flew to the Spanish city of Barcelona.

Photo Nadia posing in a beige sweater, she looks into the frame and poses as “duck lips” holding his hand at chest level in a fist with protruding thumb. Mother of the singer Olga smiles sweetly at the camera, her white blouse, over which she threw on her black leather jacket. Geolocation to a photo indicates that it was made in Spain, where mother and daughter went about their business. In the caption to a photo of Dorofeyeva intrigued fans of the new vloga with my mom.

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Надя Дорофеева заинтриговала трогательным фото с мамой: "Такие похожие"

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