Naftogaz has received billions in fines

Нафтогаз получил миллиарды пени

Naftogaz received a penalty of 2,448 billion hryvnia for untimely paid dividends for 2017.

The Ministry of economic development and trade of the accrued Naftogaz of Ukraine a penalty in the amount of 2,448 billion hryvnia for untimely paid dividends for 2017. As transfers the Internet edition of the, this is stated in the Department order No. 135, dated January 31, 2019, the text of which Agency Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the Agency, Naftogaz challenged the order of penalty in court. The Ministry referred to the law “About management of objects of state ownership”, according to which dividends should be paid until July 1.

Note, the Cabinet of Ministers has obliged the enterprises with the state share to pay dividends to 75% of net profit for 2017. The government has obliged NAK to send before 30 June 11,799 billion UAH (30% in 2017) as dividends. Another 17.7 billion UAH (40% yield) was left Unallocated until a separate decision.

Later, another decree, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a timetable for the payment of “Naftogaz” undistributed dividends in the amount of 40% of net profit for 2017 in the state budget. So, Naftogaz in July-September was supposed to send to the budget by UAH 0.5 billion on a monthly basis, in October-November – more of 8.99 billion in December – more of 8.99 billion.

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