Named another possible cause of extinction of mammoths

Названа еще одна возможная причина вымирания мамонтов

Such a reason could be the fall of an asteroid.

A group of American and Chilean scientists found that mammoths became extinct around 10-12 thousand years ago in the fall to Earth of a large celestial body, probably talking about the asteroid, according to the with reference to Gromadske.

Experts call the time when these animals became extinct, the late Dryas. Most scientists have traditionally believed that climate change that caused the extinction was caused by some earthly reasons, like change of currents in the Atlantic. At the same time, there is the impact hypothesis, according to which cold was caused by the fall of large, kilometer sizes of the heavenly bodies.

A group of geologists from the United States and Chile attempted to confirm this hypothesis, the researchers examined sedimentary rocks known archaeological site Pilayo Bajo in Chile.

Scientists were able to identify the layers corresponding to the late Dryas. It turned out that these layers in the lower part enriched with microscopic beads of previously molten minerals.

The species was recorded abnormally high in geological terms the content of gold, platinum, iron and chromium. Deposits are the traces of severe fires microparticles of charcoal and traces of burning.

It is noted that in those days the local community felt a lot of stress in deposits sharply reduced the number of animal bones, remains of plants and fungi.

This picture is consistent with the similar residue found in other places in South and North America, and Europe.

According to the authors of the study, all this in the end is not in doubt is that cold in the late Dryas occurred as a result of the fall of a large asteroid or comet.


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