Named EU countries, the most polluting in Europe

Названы страны ЕС, больше всех загрязняющие воздух в Европе

The European Commission has sent to the EU Court proceedings against six member countries in connection with the failure of their measures to ensure clean air. The corresponding decision guidance the Institute took on Thursday, transfers “UKRINFORM”.

“The European Commission has referred the cases against France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania and the UK to the EU Court in connection with the failure of compliance with volume limits for air quality”,— said in a statement the leadership of the EU institutions.

It is emphasized that the European Commission is seeking to ensure that Europeans can breathe clean air. In this regard, and was adopted by the initiative “a Europe that protects: clean air for all”. It identifies the measures to be taken by member countries in the field of protection of air purity.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the EU has determined that the dirtiest air in the European Union in the Bulgarian and Polish cities.

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