Named manufacturers the most unreliable Android smartphones

Названы производители самых ненадежных Android-смартфонов

Company data security Blancco conducted a study to determine the manufacturers of the most unreliable smartphone. The results of the study posted on the website of the company.

According to information received, the Samsung smartphones were the most unreliable devices based on Android. The researchers estimated the number of malfunctions in the phones of the South Korean company nearly 27.4%.

Second place in the list is Xiaomi, with 14.2% of the failures. The three “leaders” Motorola closes with a rating of 9.6%.

In the top-5 also includes smartphones companies Huawei and InFocus.

Relative to non-Android smartphones, the specialists rendered the following verdict: the most problematic devices, Apple steel iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s including due to problems in the sensor and Bluetooth.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the Lviv region detained a hacker who broke into the accounts of the Ukrainians in social networks with the help of gadgets on the Android OS.

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