Named most popular model of “smart hours”

Названа самая популярная модель "умных часов"

Smart watch Apple watch is the first generation remain the most popular model ofthe Market for smart smart watches continues to grow rapidly, as we have reported, based on a new report of the analytical company Counterpoint, writes the with reference to Internetua

As noted, over the past year shipments of smart watches grew by an impressive 53%, while the leader remains Apple, whose share on this market amounts to 30%.

However, the most interesting fact which relates to the Apple Watch, behind the scenes. According to analysts, the market reaction to the Apple Watch Series 4, which brought a number of innovations, in particular, the sensor of the ECG, were generally positive. Also, the fans are still good to buy Apple Watch Series 3, given the lower prices on this model.

However, the most successful model of smart hours Apple continues to be Apple Watch Series 1, the share of which in the last quarter accounted for about half of all sales of smart watches Apple.

The situation may change during the Christmas holidays, however, the result of the Apple Watch Series 1 still commands respect.

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