Named one of the most beneficial fruits for the heart and kidneys

Назван один из самых полезных фруктов для сердца и почек

The grapes in the season of cold brings special health benefits. In the period of rampant infections and colds in the diet should be as often as possible to include seasonal varieties of grapes, recommended by doctors.

It turns out that the grapes at this time of year brings special health benefits: its use strengthens the heart and enhances immunity, writes the with reference to the news of Yu.

According to the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya, the grapes is a source of sugar that is easily digested and helps nourish muscles, including the heart. Glucose contained in grapes, helps the tissues easier to absorb oxygen, which serves as additional support for the myocardium, for which the onset of cold weather can be a very serious burden.

In addition, grape has a large amount of iron, crucial for normal functioning of internal organs and blood. The doctor added that the grapes activates the process of cleansing the body of unnecessary and harmful substances, has a beneficial effect on kidney – this has a positive impact on overall health and immunity.

Another health property of grapes is important in flu season, is that its juice acts as a tonic and can be helpful when lack of energy, excessive nervous tension and chronic fatigue.

The grape contains a lot of extremely useful for maintaining health in the autumn of substances – vitamins A, C, B6 and folate (folic acid derivatives), as well as important minerals – potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and selenium. At cold first inflamed throat the mucous membrane of the throat and soothes the juice of sweet grapes. Moreover, it has a lot of selenium, which boosts the local immunity.

“Sweet grapes to eat better in the first half of the day, because its berries are very high in calories,” – shared the recommendation of the expert.

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