Named products that contribute to cancer treatment

Названы продукты, способствующие лечению рака

Choose foods with fiber.

According to a study by scientists from the Institute of cancer immunotherapy named Parker (USA), writes about the Science News, the diet based on fiber makes treatment of cancer more effective. This property is fiber-rich diet is associated with its ability to stimulate growth of various intestinal microbes, which is associated with the body’s response to treatment, reports the with reference to

“Products with high level of fibre promote a variety of intestinal microbes, including the growth of the bacteria of family Ruminococcaceae, which helps in the treatment of cancer, improve the body’s response to immunotherapy,” said the researchers.

In particular, they saw patients with skin cancer treated with immune therapy, known as the “blockade of PD-1”. It turned out that the people who adhered to a diet based on fiber, the probability that the therapy inhibits the tumor growth was five times greater in comparison with patients who ate little fiber. Specifically, in 46 patients who daily ate the highest amount of fiber in the diet, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains contain more gut bacteria linked to response to immune therapy, and they have the same treatment with blockade of PD-1 gave the best results.

In addition, experts noted that the ability of fiber to promote diversity of gut microbes has no equal even among probiotics. Moreover, the researchers found that probiotics can reduce the diversity of microbes in the gut of cancer patients.


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