Named rating paid jobs abroad among Ukrainians

Назван рейтинг оплачиваемых профессий за рубежом среди украинцев

Many Ukrainians are thinking about a trip to Poland, Germany, USA and other countries, with the aim of earning. The difference in the exchange rate and the availability of many vacancies this way to earn the most promising and profitable. Experts have made a rating of the most paid jobs abroad among Ukrainians.

On average, the Ukrainian labor welders, builders, laborers, estimated at 5-8 times higher than in Ukraine. Data taken from the analytical Department of “OLX”.

In Germany, most earn welders (75 000 UAH), handymen and painters. Working at the factory and the nanny (the nanny with the children and nurses), in the TOP 5 of the list, with salaries above us $ 1000 per month. In Poland most appreciate of this upholsterers, drivers and craftsmen of the construction sector. Most pay this upholsterers – 56 000 UAH.

In the Czech Republic are also the most appreciative of this upholsterers, drivers and workers from the construction sector. Recall that in Kiev (the city with the highest salaries in the country), the average salary is UAH 643 11. Even the handyman in any of the European countries earns more than a good economist or a Manager in the capital, writes

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