Named the best applications for diagnosing the health

Названы лучшие приложения для диагностики здоровья

They are available for free in AppStore and Play Market.

Self-diagnosis via smartphone is not a substitute for medical examination, but can be a great assistant. In this collection you will find applications that can be useful in different situations, reports the with reference to Сlutch.

Applications can be purchased or downloaded for free in AppStore and Play Market.

1. LoveMySkinЭто app is a complete map of the human body, where you can note which appeared or disappeared moles. With the convenient ABCD table (A – asymmetry, B – border, C – color, D – diameter), it is possible to distinguish dangerous moles from the usual.

2. Zyrtec AllergyCastЭто app created specially for people who suffer from allergies. The program is able to measure the level of allergenic pollen in the air. If there is a threat, then it reports this by means of a notice. There is also a possibility to note their condition during the day.

3. ipaprogramme for monitoring a hearing aid. In order to test hearing, the creators of the apps offer to pass three tests: the determination of the quiet sound, the ability to recognize speech among noise and a small survey. These tests help assess the condition of organs of hearing and to monitor the dynamics of auditory perception.

4. Thedeath the application will be indispensable. Its main advantage is the ability to search the nearest hospitals and medical institutions. Plus, it includes symptoms, diseases, medicines and doctors that will help to carry out a detailed diagnosis.

5. First AidЭто collection of instructions on first aid in your phone. Through this program, you can identify the symptoms and quickly to provide first aid.

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