Named the cost of a flight to space aboard Blue Origin

Названа стоимость полета в космос на корабле Blue Origin

The flight will cost 200-300 thousand dollars. It is assumed that the first passengers of the company will be its employees.

Space flight for tourists on a reusable ship New Shepard from the company Blue Origin will manage in the sum from 200 to 300 thousand dollars. About it writes Reuters. The first passengers should be employees of the company.

Estimated cost reported to the edition sources in Blue Origin. Ticket sales for those who want to appear in 2019.

In the company of Blue Origin of this information does not comment. It is known that there have been eight successful tests of the New Shepard vehicle. However passengers during test flights on Board was not.

At the same time, analysts Marco Caceres Teal predict that space travel for the company will be unprofitable. According to their estimates, every New Shepard launch costs of $ 10 million. At a price of 300 thousand dollars for the ticket tourists to recoup them fail.

Earlier it was reported that the cosmos sent the radio with the words of the British scientist Stephen Hawking.

It was also reported that scientists were able to transform the sounds of Saturn in the likeness of music.

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