Named the European country with the highest level of social protection

Названа европейская страна с самым высоким уровнем социальной защиты

Finland spends on social protection a quarter of GDP, France has almost as manyState expenses in the European Union in 2017 45.8% of gross domestic product. About it reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

As noted by the statistical office of the EU, this share has been steadily declining since 2012, when it stood at 48.9% of GDP.

Among the main items of national expenditure in the EU “social protection” is the most important and is 18.8% of GDP. Followed by “health” (7.0 percent), government services (5,8%), education (4.6 percent) and “economic issues” (4.0 per cent).

The function “public order and security” (1,7%), “defense” (1,3%), “recreation, culture and religion” (1,1%), “protection of environment” (0.8%) and “housing and communal services” (0,6%) have a limited weight in the cost structure.

According to Eurostat, the share of social protection in government expenditure varies in different countries-members of the EU from less than 10% of GDP in Ireland (9.5 per cent) to almost a quarter in Finland (24.9 per cent). Six member States – Finland, France, Denmark, Italy, Austria and Sweden – spend at least 20% of GDP on social protection, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic and Bulgaria – less than 13% of GDP.


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