Named the most common diseases of office workers

Названы самые распространенные болезни офисных сотрудников

From the monitor need to be distracted every half hour.

Every year more and more people work in offices, in offices at a Desk or computer most of the day. Such conditions seem to be quite comfortable, but it should also be noted that in sedentary work people put themselves in danger of a number of diseases due to static posture, eye strain, habits to keep excessive numbers of cups of coffee or frequent smoke breaks.

Plus exposure to office dust, air conditioners, constant communication with colleagues that can carry viruses, etc. So as to minimize risk and preserve health?

Train vision

Eyes – the most vulnerable spot of office workers. Those who are working all the time at the computer, sooner or later begin to feel the effects of this “mental labor”.

Vision, of course, take on a permanent job in front of the monitor, but it is, by the way, not necessarily. This will help avoid a properly configured screen and a good monitor, and also the habit of typing without looking at the monitor, and only after typing – check it for typos.

The problems are also creates a low humidity in offices and dust from which the eyeball dries, you may experience cramps. In recent years, more and more people began to suffer from the so-called syndrome of “dry eye”, ophthalmology and called this disease – “office”.

“You need to be distracted every half hour, at least for 5-7 minutes, constantly ventilate the room and try to convince the boss to set you a good monitor that is less spoils the sight,” the doctor advises Victoria Savitskaya.

Ophthalmologists also remind you that you need to carefully monitor the hygiene – wash hands frequently, do not touch the face and especially the eyes. Indeed, in the irritated eye is easier to get infected. In case of any suspicion, pain or irritation – definitely contact your doctor.

To preserve visual acuity, recommended every 2-3 hours easy to do “exercises” for the eyes. It won’t take more than 3-5 minutes, but will help prevent a lot of problems. And this must be done daily, because “training” is aimed at the development of muscles, that is, as well as training in the gym, important system. First. Zazhmurte eyes for 5 seconds, then at the same time open. Repeat this 5-7 times.

For the following exercises sit on the chair, look up at the ceiling, try to relax your eyes and blink rapidly for 30-60 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times.

Next, with the fingertips gently massage the eye through the closed eyelids in a circular motion. Repeat 3 times for 30-40 seconds.

Then alternate look on close objects and look into the distance, to develop accommodative muscle. Look at every object for 5 seconds, then move the sight so 5-7 times. Then again repeat the massage the eye through the eyelids.


A sedentary lifestyle, a diet in haste and constant snacking junk foods – chips, biscuits, sweets and sandwiches – soon make themselves felt. As a rule, already after six months of work in the office women say goodbye with a slender waist, and men acquire a unattractive tummy.

“The Cabinet work is not a reason to chew around the clock at the computer. However, as fast. Everyone needs a full set of necessary microelements and vitamins, and naturally in proteins, carbohydrates and fats. But it should be understood that “dose” of athletes, and librarians – are radically different. Therefore, try to limit the “bad” calories and not eating fast food and junk food.

If there is a microwave you can take out of the house sandwiches and cakes, and porridge, boiled meat and salads. To kill the appetite and snacks with much healthier fresh fruits, not cookies,” says the doctor.

Buy a gym membership or do morning exercises. If you have no time, try to maximally load the muscles during the day. Do simple exercises right at the table (we already wrote about the fitness exercises workouts that you can perform without anybody knowing), give up the Elevator, walk a couple of stops on foot on the way home.


Improper diet at work or unhealthy snacking sooner or later affect the work of the digestive tract. Every third office worker in one way or another is faced with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and half of them in the acute form, says the doctor.

About such problems not to say aloud, and certainly don’t discuss colleagues over a Cup of coffee, because many employees believe that their illness is unique, and shy even to go to the doctor.

“It is also worth noting that about a third of office workers don’t know about already outlined my problems with digestion.

The causes of such illnesses is very similar with the causes of excess weight, add to it harmful instant coffee from vending machines, greasy food and fast food of questionable quality, street food, stress and the lack of a clear diet,” said nutritionist Lyudmila Babich.

The doctor recommends, above all, to abandon harmful substandard products from the street (pies, meat pies, Shawarma, etc.). It is better to take food from home or buy in a proven cafes and canteens.

“Do not eat on the go. If you can’t give up coffee during the working day, do not buy drinks of unknown origin with the smell of coffee from a stationary gun or bags of the so-called coffee in the supermarket. Better get out of the house a pack of high-quality ground coffee and pour boiling water” – suggests the expert.

Stress and anxiety

Every office employee confirmed that the work behind the monitor in a comfortable chair just seems relaxed – in fact ever-present factor of pressure, “burn” time, miss a deadline or fail suppliers, broken transaction and so on. It is not surprising that daily stress and psychologically exhausting.

“If you feel that you start to take the nerves, the best option is to take a vacation and go on a journey. Not necessarily on the sea, on a tour of European countries, because we are not always able to afford such expenses. The main thing – to change the situation, you can go to the Carpathian mountains or to visit her grandmother in the village to rent a house close to your metropolis just to get some fresh air.

If, for any reason, the leave is not possible, try to change your schedule, diet and attitude to work. Don’t take work home. Dedicate yourself an evening meet up with friends, go to a cafe or beauty salon, sign up for yoga or just relax on the couch with a good book. It is also important daily good night’s sleep – at least 7-8 hours. Check your diet and prefer natural vitamin food. Get more fresh air, Hiking perfectly tone up and boost your immunity,” says the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

Back pain and neck

The pain in the back complaining almost every third office worker. Slightly less common are pain in the neck, muscles, legs, or hands.

The reasons for these feelings lie in the low mobility and the fact that office workers often carried out in the same pose, inspired the work, for several hours.

“As we sit motionless in the muscles accumulates so-called lactic acid. The body uses it to release energy, but since we’re not moving, then the energy that is not needed, which leads to pain.

Tip the easiest eat better and move more. Often get up from the table, teach yourself to talk on the phone standing up, more go, sign up for evening training in the pool or the fitness, or the gym,” advises the doctor.

Doctors recommend that every couple of hours to perform a simple exercise for posture and stretching back. Here is one of the most simple: sit facing the table, tear off feet from a floor, grip the edge of the table and rotate the pelvis together with a chair (it should be spinning).

To warm up the neck enough to perform the ordinary rotation and tilts of the head – 10-20 times in each direction.

Allergic reactions

In recent years, usage began to enter the phrase “office Allergy”. Officially this disease is not, but the doctors in this case referring to the reaction of the body to “compressed”, dirty, dusty, and dry air in the offices, which provoked a lot of discomfort.

In particular, can be a chronic cough and runny nose that often provoke toxic substances that enter the air from air conditioners, printers and other office equipment.

“Keyboard technique and their personal belongings should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth. This will not only reduce the concentration of dust and get rid of many viruses and bacteria in the air and on all surfaces. Special attention after wet cleaning, take the keyboard, phone, computer mouse – that’s where the highest concentration of harmful bacteria,” says the doctor.

It is particularly important to conduct such wet cleaning of personal belongings in the period of influenza and SARS, as, without even touching him, the vector of infection, can “settle” on them many pathogenic bacteria that are warm to multiply rapidly. And don’t forget about personal hygiene – wash your hands every time touching items of common use.

Cardiovascular diseases

It is not strange, but office workers, according to experts, fall into one of the main groups at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The reason is overreliance on junk food, low physical activity, stress, sleep disturbance.

“From cardiovascular diseases in the world every year die more people, and because this problem has acquired a global significance.

It should be remembered that lack of exercise, poor diet, stress, alcohol and nicotine are the main factors that contribute to these health problems. And yet – our laziness. Clearly, if we are working from morning to evening, not every day to visit the gym, walk in the fresh air etc. But is a city dweller, even a worker for 10-11 hours a day and spending an hour and a half on the road due to traffic jams, can’t allocate 15 minutes for morning exercises or a couple of hours on the weekends for the pool and recreation?” – says the doctor.

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