Named the most interesting facts about dinosaurs

Названы самые интересные факты о динозаврах

They are not extinct because of an asteroidThese huge extinct creatures still arouse public interest. In this article, we picked the most interesting scientific facts about dinosaurs that will help you learn more about the past of our planet, reports the with reference to Сlutch.

Here are some facts about the dinosaurs are interesting to learn:

The dinosaurs were Belgiprozem not things that now bother our Pets, and much more. Their sting was as large as the modern needle of the syringe.

Types of dinosaurs very raznoobraznymi we hear the word “dinosaur”, they usually represent the Tyrannosaurus, or stegosaurus. But in fact types(!) these animals were almost two thousand. Among them were herbivores, and predators, and mixed type of nutrition.

Moreover, the smallest dinosaur was the size of a chicken and weighed 3-5 kg, and the largest – seismosaur, weighing up to 150 tons and an increase of more than 30 meters!

Dinosaurs swallowed, caniato helped their digestive tract to digest the food. This habit they have adopted their direct descendants – birds and crocodiles.

They died out not because asteroiditokawa, fallen to Earth asteroid was the catalyst for the extinction of the dinosaurs, but this process began much earlier. Experts suggest that due to the emergence of flowering plants changed the climate and food chain in the ecosystem, so dinosaurs were on the verge of extinction. So even if the asteroid was not, after a few hundred or thousand years, these creatures still would cease to exist.

Most of the dinosaurs moved on two konechnostei, like people. Long tail help them keep balance while walking and even running, these animals ran fast enough. They could reach the speed of 60 km/h And with such an impressive height and weight is quite difficult.

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