Named the most popular dog names of the year

Названы самые популярные собачьи клички уходящего года

Such popularity has a reason.

In the database service for the care of dogs millions of Pets every year calls the most popular nicknames, reports the with reference to

Top 10 nicknames мальчиков1. Max2. Charlie3. Cooper4. Buddy5. Jack6. Rocky7. Duke8. Bear9. Tucker10. Oliver

Top 10 nicknames девочек1. Bella2. Lucy3. Luna4. Daisy5. Lola6. Sadie7. Molly8. Bailey9. Maggie10. Stella

The service not only calls most popular top 100 dog names but shapes the collections, and some of them are quite funny. For example, in honor of the members of the Royal family, favorite foods, negative movie stars, pet stars and so on.

Thus, of the Royal names are very popular now Charlotte, Harry, George. Learn in whose honour they gave? Number of dogs named Harry and Megan rose this year by 133 and 129%, respectively.

Pay attention to movies about bad guys. You would say so your always friendly watchdog? By the way, this year increased the number of dogs named Pennywise, hero movies It It 2 as much as 500%.

Some owners decide to name their dogs in honor of the favorite food or drink. Imagine somewhere fun wagging the tail Wafer, Cardamom, couscous, Whiskey or Pasta.

Their dogs are named after dogs stars, in honor of the stars and even in honor of the children of the stars. So, this year at 240% increase in the number of dogs named Stormy, after Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott named as his daughter.

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