Named the winner of the contest “Queen of Ukraine”

The winner was a girl from Odessa

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In Kiev was held a beauty contest “Queen of Ukraine”. For the crown competed 20 beauties. While the girls were preparing for the show, the journalists managed to find out how the celebrity guests are to artificial beauty.

Musician Eugene Khmara prefer only the natural beauty: “For me, beauty is only real, she’s the best, honestly. But I don’t judge girls who make lip and priests”.

But the artist Lou Bega allow surgery, if they can not do without: “I like natural beauty, to see a woman like it was created by God. Of course, sometimes, when intervention is required due to medical reasons”.

Choreographer Sergey Kostecki encourages correction appearance and even admitted that his girlfriend is increased the lips: “I don’t mind. My girlfriend has also adjusted the lips. It feels more sexy, confident. Why not?”.

Названо имя победительницы конкурса "Королева Украины"

Kiev has chosen the “Queen of Ukraine”

Orest Galitsky (group DZIDZIO) explained why beauty pageants: “she saw that not only so pretty and so good.”

Singer Eneli also commented on the beauty pageants, which is now so popular: “All women and girls are beautiful. I do not think that beauty pageants is so important. However, this is a great opportunity for women to demonstrate that they are proud of their beauty”.

Queen of Ukraine this year became Victoria Mironova. 23-year-old girl presented Odessa. Victoria will travel to the international final of the beauty contest in Venezuela. It is not the first beauty contest so she can give advice to girls who dream of the crown.

“We need to go on stage like you go in last,” says Victoria.

Earlier we wrote that Gaitan and DZIDZIO in Kiev will perform at the ball on Kontraktova square.

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