Named the Xiaomi smartphones that will receive the OS update

Названы смартфоны Xiaomi, которые получат обновление ОС

List of smartphones Xiaomi for which the firmware MIUI 11 the Chinese company Xiaomi has always tried to pay as much attention to the software for their phones, writes the with reference to

Yes, she released it not too fast, but she does it for at least three years since the market launch of some new models. Like currently can boast a few manufacturers. 9 November 2018 was revealed the list of smartphones Xiaomi for which the firmware MIUI 11, and she will be based in most cases on Android and Oreo Pie.

The electronics maker never liked to publicly announce when it is and what specific phone models will be updated to the operating system, but recently the situation is getting better and better, that is, similar data are published more often.

It is reported that before the firmware MIUI 11 in 2019 are guaranteed to updated phone Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro Mi 8 EE, 8 Mi SE, Mi 6, Mi 6, Mi 5X Mi 5C, 5S Mi Plus Mi 5S, Mi Note 2 Mi Note 3, 2 Max Mi, Max Mi 3, Mi Mix Mi Mix 2, Mix Mi 2S, Mi 3 Mix, 5A Redmi, Redmi 5, 5 Plus Redmi, Redmi S2, 6 Redmi, Redmi note 6A, Pro 6 Redmi, Redmi Note 5A, 5A Prime Redmi Note, Redmi Note 5, 6 Redmi Note and Redmi Note Pro 6. In the near future, the list will replenish with new models that will be released in the first half of 2019. Among them should be Mi 9, 7 Redmi, Redmi Note 7, Mix Mi 3S, Mi 7X and still have some. It must be noted that in this particular list Popoli these phones are upgraded to the latest software absolutely and without any exceptions.

Also, almost certainly, Xiaomi will update MIUI to 11 budget phones sample of 2017. Let smartphones Black Shark, Black Shark Halo and Pocophone F1 and released under a different brand, but it’s still the brainchild of the company Xiaomi, which is also exactly in 2019 will receive the firmware MIUI 11. Her announcement will probably happen in April-may next year, after which users will have access to your test Assembly. The final release for most phones from the list will occur in the fall, that is, until this moment, there is still almost a year.

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