Named TOP 10 sex scenes in world cinema

Названы ТОП-10 сцен секса в мировом кино

The list includes movies Mulholland Drive with Naomi watts and Valentine with Gosling. Places in the list aranzhirovany.

Experts newspaper the Independent has compiled a list of top ten sex scenes in world cinema. In the list of places with aranzhirovany entered a Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, and Mulholland Drive with Naomi watts.

In the ribbon, Valentine noted a scene of oral sex in the shower, for which picture I wanted to put a rating of 17+. In the words of Gosling, this episode looked at the screen very realistic.

There was also a Masturbation episode, the character Naomi watts from Mulholland Drive, the scene of a gay melodrama the land of God Francis Lee and lesbian drama Carol with cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara and group sex in the ribbon, And your mother too Alfonso Cuarón.

And in addition, included in the list of the films Love and basketball and team America: world police, including scenes with growing up black teen gay.

Earlier it was reported that was determined the best films of 2018, according to the version of People’s Choice Awards.

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