Naomi Campbell threw a young suitor – media

48-year-old supermodel broke up with 25-year-old member of One Direction

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Наоми Кэмпбелл бросила молодого ухажера - СМИ

48-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell

In the beginning of this year 48-year-old British supermodel Naomi Campbell was noticed in the company of 25-year-old band member of One Direction is Liam Payne. Then, the media spread information about what stars are Dating. Although Naomi and Liam tried to hide from the prying eyes paparazzii to go unnoticed she could not. Lovers repeatedly seen together at various events and concerts.

But now it became known that Campbell threw the beloved, because he bore her. “Naomi made the decision, she realized that nothing goes wrong. She got bored with him. He’s always been too dependent on her and not enough brutal and independent. In General, she imagined it to others. Yes, they never officially met, did not advertise their relationship,” a source told the publication The Sun.

By the way, some friends of the model claim that Payne “could not believe his luck” when he began a relationship with Naomi, as she always was very fond of him. The singer also noted the delicate writing comments under the photos Campbell Instagram, complementing their passionate “Emoji”.

Earlier, supermodel Naomi Campbell visited South Africa, where he danced with the children a lively African dance in sneakers and dress. A relevant video she posted on his page in the social network.

On how the paparazzi found out about a new lover Naomi Campbell, see this video:

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Наоми Кэмпбелл бросила молодого ухажера - СМИ

Наоми Кэмпбелл бросила молодого ухажера - СМИ

Наоми Кэмпбелл бросила молодого ухажера - СМИ


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