NASA announced the discovery of super-Earth

The star TOI 270 found three planets, one of which can be life

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NASA объявили об открытии супер-Земли

All the planet was named TOI 270 b, 270 c and TOI TOI 270 d

The TESS telescope, NASA has achieved another scientific triumph to find three intriguing planets, the nearest star to the Sun. One of them is a super-Earth, measuring a little more than our planet. The other two gas exoplanets similar to Neptune.

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The star around which the planets known as the TOI 270, and also under the catalogue UCAC4 191-004642. Her planet was named TOI 270 b, 270 c and TOI TOI 270 d. Star is 40% smaller than our Sun, and about a third colder. The Orb is at a distance of 73 light years, which defines it as “a close neighbour”.

NASA объявили об открытии супер-Земли

Infographics planetary system TOI 270

The closest planet to the star is about 25% bigger than Earth and is likely rocky. But people can survive on it could not. NASA described it as “a hot oven” due to its proximity to its star. The rest of the planet TOI TOI 270 c and 270 d is probably the closest in composition to the gas giant, Neptune. “Planets c and d is best described as a mini-Neptune type planets not in our solar system,” commented NASA.

In addition, the system 270 TOI plan to explore for the presence of life. First, scientists assumed that mininatur TOI 270 d is in the habitable zone of the star area of the planet where, theoretically, you could have water in a liquid state.

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However, as shown by further analysis, the atmosphere of that planet is probably too tight: it would have to cause uncontrolled greenhouse effect, what would the surface TOI 270 d too hot to sustain life. However, scientists do not exclude the possibility that in the upper atmosphere of the planet can be suitable conditions for the existence of extremophilic organisms (organisms able to live and reproduce in extreme conditions).

Scientists are interested in further study of the system TOI 270 and hope that future powerful space telescope “James Webb”, which is expected to be launched in 2021, will help in this.

We will remind that earlier in the Solar system has found the most distant planet. And recently the “star-neighbor” found rare.

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