NASA came up with a plan to protect Earth from asteroid

NASA and the European space Agency are going to find solutions to counter space threats

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У NASA появился план по защите Земли от падения астероида

NASA will have to respond to a “realistic but fictional scenario”

If the asteroid will inevitably fall to the Ground, is there any emergency plan to combat cosmic catastrophe? This is exactly the question NASA, the European space Agency and the Federal Agency of the USA on emergency situations (FEMA) in may will be discussed at the Conference on planetary defense, 2019.

During the five-day conference, NASA and its partners plan to participate in the simulation of the danger of falling of an asteroid to evaluate different scenarios of response in such situations.

“Simulation of an emergency situation is usually used when planning to counter disasters, which helps to inform various authorities on the important aspects of a possible disaster, as well as to identify challenges to successful responses in the future,” says NASA.

In a special exercise, NASA and its partners will need to respond to a “realistic but fictional scenario” called PDC 2019. The simulation will be selected, potentially dangerous objects from the table NEO who have a chance 1 out of 100 to collide with the Earth with the near future. Armed with all the hypothetical information, the doctrine seeks to determine how different organizations and governments are to cope with the situation as it develops.

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Previously, NASA has already participated in six such exercises, but every scenario is different. Based on previous experience, the Agency noted that the emphasis is not always on the details of the asteroid and its composition, although it is very important because any lead could eventually be fatal how to solve the problem and its aggravation.

It is therefore imperative to develop a precise plan for countering threats from space, which, if not solve the problem, then at least reduce the risks for mankind. At least NASAне will be so much to panic if an asteroid will actually fall to the Ground.

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