NASA failed to contact the Mars Rover Opportunity

NASA так и не удалось связаться с марсоходом Opportunity

Opportunity have worked on Mars for 15 years.

NASA announced that it would stop trying to communicate with Mars Rover Opportunity. It is reported online edition of the with reference to

It is noted that, apparently, the Rover is a veteran hopelessly buried under layers of dust. The last time Opportunity came into contact with Earth eight months ago, but stopped after he hit the global dust storm.

The Rover landed on the red planet in January 2004, shortly after its twin Rover Spirit. Latest stuck in the soil in 2009 and was declared “dead” in 2011.

Opportunity continued to drive on the Martian surface and send data to Earth, acting as a kind of remote geologist. For 15 years, Opportunity has traveled more than 45 km, despite the fact that was designed to drive only 1 006 meters and work only 90 Martian days.

Opportunity have made many important discoveries, including evidence that some areas of Mars were once covered by water and could be a habitable environment; the discovery of the first meteorite ever found on another planet.

The Rover sent stunning pictures of earthlings that Martian “dust devil”, writhing across the surface of the planet, and the panoramas, which opened breathtaking views of the Martian craters.

Last attempt to contact, Opportunity has taken on the evening of 12 February and it was very emotional. Tanya Harrison, planetary scientist, worked on the mission, wrote on Twitter: “there were tears. Was hug. Was memories and shared laughter.”

Mike Seibert, who also was part of the team, paid tribute to the Mars Rover, saying: “Floppy, goodbye, old friend.” He noted that the Rover was the longest ground mission.

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