NASA has postponed the launch of a unique mission to the Sun

НАСА отложило запуск уникальной миссии к Солнцу

NASA (National aerospace Agency of the USA) at the last moment postponed the launch of a unique “Solar mission”. It was assumed that on August 11 the Sun will go the Parker probe Solar Probe, which will approach the sun at the minimum possible distance and will help to obtain new data about solar activity, to understand the nature of such phenomena as the solar wind, as well as mechanisms of occurrence of auroras and magnetic storms.

NASA decided to postpone the launch of the historic mission on August 12. Less than two minutes before the start had problems with the launch vehicle Delta IV Heavy. The launch postponed at 3.31 PM Eastern time on August 12 (10.31 Kiev).

As scholars have noted, the mission was preparing for several years. To study the processes in the Solar corona, the probe is equipped with a special shield to withstand temperatures of up to 1377 degrees centigrade. Parker Solar Probe will be the first spacecraft that will approach the Sun to 6.16 million kilometers. The mission will last seven years.

Recall that in August we will see the biggest meteor shower — Perseid meteor shower.

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