NASA has postponed the launch of solar probe Parker

NASA отложило запуск солнечного зонда Parker

The launch of the space apparata $ 1.5 billion postponed due to lack of time before the closure of the start screen.

The American space Agency NASA has postponed for a day the launch of the Delta IV Heavy rocket with solar probe Parker, which was to be launched from Cape Canaveral. This was reported on the website of the Agency on Saturday, August 11.

First, the start time was moved to forty minutes due to additional checking of data transmission system from ship to Land. Later, NASA said about the lack of time until the end of the start screen.

Now the launch to be held tomorrow – August 12.

The forecast shows a 60 percent chance of favorable weather conditions for launch – noted in NASA.

Recall, probe Parker should be close to a record close of 6.1 million kilometers to the Sun and the first of the previously created mankind apparatuses to enter into so-called solar corona. According to scientists, the shielding of the probe is heated to 1371,11°C.

The device will measure the electromagnetic field of the Sun and determine the nature of the particles emitted by the star. Such research should enable scientists to answer a number of questions related to the Sun. On the probe Parker spent about $ 1.5 billion.

Previously, scientists found that will after the death of the Sun, which occurs approximately 4.5 to 5 billion years.

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