NASA managed to send historic a rocket to the Sun (video)

NASA таки удалось отправить историческую ракету к Солнцу (видео)

The Sun launched the first spacecraft, which is close to the solar surface. The performance of the probe, “Parker”, launched by NASA with the help of the missile system Deltaа IV Heavy, is for eight years.

According to “Apostrophe”, National aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA) launched the “Parker” in the second half. Initially start was planned for Saturday, August 11. However, before you start having problems with data transfer and the start was postponed.

It is reported that the launch was conducted from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida (USA). The mission of the probe is the study of the solar atmosphere, the solar wind, as well as other activities that may affect life on Earth. For eight years, for which the mission is “Flooring”, it will approach the Sun at a record distance of six million kilometers.
The probe was named after Eugene Parker, Emeritus Professor, Department of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago.

As previously reported “FACTS”, National aerospace Agency of the USA at the last moment postponed the launch of a unique “Solar mission”

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