NASA released a new photo of dunes on Mars

NASA опубликовало новый снимок дюн на Марсе

In the picture you can see sand dunes and sedimentary deposits.

NASA released a new photo of the surface of Mars. As reported on the Agency’s website, thanks to imagery you can “read” the geological history of the red planet, reports the online edition of the with reference to

The picture was taken with the HiRISE camera installed on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. In the picture you can see, in particular, light sediment. The most recent geological features is the dark sand dunes that stand out in the picture.

Previously, scientists from the National astrophysical Institute in Bologna announced that they have found evidence of liquid water on Mars. Lake with a diameter of about 20 kilometers is located under the ice at the South pole of the red planet. It is noted that this is the first evidence of the presence of liquid water on Mars at the moment.

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