NASA scientists have recorded a “live” water on the moon’s surface

Ученые NASA зафиксировали "живую" воду на поверхности Луны

American scientists have shown how water looks on a natural satellite of the Earth.

A few years ago, scientists believed that the water on the moon exists only in isolated pockets of ice near the poles and it is a solid matter. Recently, however, the American satellites Agency NASA managed to capture on video a “live” liquid water on the surface of the moon, reports the with reference to

Amanda Hendricks, lead author of the study, said: “These results will help to understand lunar water cycle and will eventually help us learn about the availability of water that people can use in future missions to the moon.”

A new discovery tells scientists that water molecules are closely associated with the surface of the moon until around the time when the temperature reaches a maximum at noon.

According to NASA, scientists have hypothesized that the ionized hydrogen carried by solar winds from the Sun may be the source is liquid water on the moon.


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