NASA showed the number of asteroids in the Solar system

NASA показало количество астероидов в Солнечной системе

Millions of cosmic bodies like bees flying in the system and can crash into Earth at any moment.Many people think that space is literally overflowing with free space. In part this is true and simultaneously not true. To explain this phenomenon, scientists from space Agency NASA has created a special video, which shows the number of asteroids in our Solar system, reports the with reference to Aspects.

It is noteworthy that all of them were discovered only in the last 20 years of observations over space. In theory, as claimed by scientists from NASA, the asteroids in the Solar system could be much more.

The fact that scientists cause the orbits and trajectories of all flights of asteroids on a special card. However, many cosmic bodies, scientists from NASA literally very difficult to trace. In addition, with the development of science, researchers discover new asteroids, making the task much more difficult.

If in 1998 it was found a few hundred potentially hazardous to Earth asteroids, now this number has increased to 18 000 at least. For comparison, only between Mars and Jupiter such space bodies there are about 2 million Every week, scientists find more than 40 asteroids and put them on the map. To demonstrate NASA showed a special clip from “the swarm” threat of asteroids.

This suggests that space, for example the Solar system is full of various types of bodies. This is true, but the distance between the bodies is enormous. Between these hundreds of millions of asteroids in the Solar system can be a distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. It tells people more about the overcrowding of the Solar system, and its just a giant scale.

Scientists from NASA also constantly studying potentially hazardous to Earth asteroids. For example, since 2005 a group of scientists watching a cosmic body with a diameter of 140 meters. The fact that there is a danger that it will collide with the Earth. Therefore, by 2020, the researchers constantly monitor the asteroid. But in reality, these celestial bodies thousands, if not millions. Therefore, in NASA there is an entire industry for the protection of the Earth and the study of dangerous space bodies.

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