NASA wants to break the sound barrier without noise: video

NASA and Lockheed Martin will release a prototype quiet supersonic aircraft by 2021

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NASA хочет преодолеть звуковой барьер без шума: видео

Shock sound wave of the plane Lockheed Martin will not exceed the sound of a closing car door

National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) intends to create a new type of supersonic aircraft, which would not be making any noise while overcoming the sound barrier, usually involving an explosion.

Supersonic passenger plane could cover the distance from new York to London in less than 4 hours, or to fly around the world in just a day. Sounds impressive. However, the era of supersonic passenger aviation was closed in 2003 with the suspension of the operation of “Concorde”.

NASA хочет преодолеть звуковой барьер без шума: видео

The plane X-59 QueSST will rise into the air in 2022

The noise generated by such a fast aircraft so loud it can break Windows and knock out the tile in the houses, so that supersonic flight is prohibited or restricted in many countries.

However, as reported by NewScientist, NASA signed a contract with American aerospace firm Lockheed Martin of 247.5 million dollars to try to solve the problem of severe noise when breaking the sound barrier with a lethal machine.

The contract involves the design, manufacture and testing of aircraft that can break the sound barrier with a sound comparable to the closing of the car door. It is planned that the length of the prototype aircraft, known as X-59 QueSST will be 29 meters, and its speed at an altitude of 16 km is 1500 km/h, which is 1.25 times faster than the speed of sound. Lockheed Martin plans to build such a plane by the end of 2021.

The first model of quiet supersonic aircraft is to fly only one pilot. Its main purpose is to demonstrate that it is possible to travel faster than the speed of sound without creating intense shock waves, which stretch over the aircraft and cause a sonic boom.

According to managing Directorate of research mission for Aeronautics of NASA, Given Bus, the prototype will take off in 2022, and will fly over populated areas. After these tests, the NASA “ask people to tell us what they heard.” If tests are successful, then such aircraft of the future will usher in a new era of supersonic aircraft.

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