NASA will monitor the glaciers from space

NASA будет наблюдать за ледниками из космоса

The satellite will measure the elevation of glaciers with centimeter accuracyNASA September 15 is going to launch a satellite ICESat-2, which is from space to track the status of glaciers on Earth. This writes the with reference on Focus

For height measuring ice the satellite is equipped with the latest altimeter, ATLAS. It will send to the Earth pulses of laser radiation and fixing the time after which they will return. The device emits 10,000 pulses per second, each pulse contains about 20 trillion photons.

ICESat-2 will constantly move from pole to pole, spending measurements four times a year. Expected to measure the differences with centimeter accuracy.

As reported, researchers from Yale University and woods Holmskogo Oceanographic Institute are warning that large supplies of warm water, hiding under the glaciers of the Arctic, gradually rise to the surface. This can speed up the melting of the ice that had already lost their original strength. In addition, the oldest and most durable glacier in the North of Greenland, which scientists considered inviolable, began to crumble.

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